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Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

CBD:THC Ratios Explained

Papa & Barkley Releaf Tincture cannabis deals around CA

As a cannaseur, you may know Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is a psychoactive plant that does all sorts of wonderful things. What you may not know is that this plant contains over 500 components, 113 of which are identified as cannabinoids. The most abundant, THC and CBD, have been extensively studied for their medicinal properties. The […]

Black-Owned Businesses In Los Angeles You MUST Visit

black owned business weed dispensary la

By now, most of us are all aware of Black History Month but did you know Black History Month was first proposed by black educators and the Black United Students at Kent State University in February 1969? Black History Month’s first celebration took place at KentState one year later, from January 2 to February 28, 1970. Six years later, […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

marijuana cupcake sale near me

If there was ever a time to let your romantic side shine, it’s Valentine’s Day. The problem is, finding the best Valentine’s Day gift for that special person in your life can be daunting. But, don’t stress. LA Cannabis Co has put together a definitive list of six romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for cannabis lovers. […]

Find Your Perfect Dose With Dosist

Dosist Cannabis Vaporizer near me

The act of smoking cannabis has been around for centuries, and so has the question of how to get the most out of the cannabis experience. For those that want to take their sniffing, smoking, and savoring to the next level, there is an innovative cannabis vape technology every stoner needs. This new device will […]

LA Cannabis Co CEO Armen Paronyan Podcast With Cannabis Talk 101

Cannabis Talk 101 weed store nearby

CEO Armen Paronyan visits Cannabis Talk 101 to discuss, you guessed it, the cannabis industry. Taking a walk down memory lane, Armen sheds light on LA Cannabis Co’s founding years and the road they have traveled to enjoy the buds of their labor today. Listen to the podcast use thing player below or visit:

Why Weed Makes You Laugh

If you’ve been smoking weed for some time, you have undoubtedly (probably more than once) experienced a case of the giggles, that wonderful ability of cannabis to turn even the most mundane things into something absolutely hilarious. The laughing stoner is one of those old stereotypes that actually does have truth to it, primarily because […]

25 Cannabis Inspired Baby Names for Stoner Parents

Choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy is no easy feat. In fact, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make as a parent. Your child has to live with their name for the rest of their life, and you have to call them that name forever. Also, there’s the […]

Best CBD Pet Products In Town!

As pet parents, you want your fur baby to stay as happy and as healthy as possible. But, the reality is, just like humans, many pets can suffer from a variety of physical and mental health issues that range from anxiety and stress to joint and skin problems. Fortunately, there is a solution. Along with […]

13 Winter Self-Care Tips for Cannabis Enthusiast

Keeping up with self-care in the winter can often feel a lot like nailing jello to a tree. Making time for self-care is tough year-round. But, when the temperatures drop, the holiday fun is over, and there are still short days, a lot of people get a case of the “winter blues” or even Seasonal […]

10 Strains to Keep You Relaxed & Cozy Through Winter

A bowl of a potent holiday strain starts any season off with a bang. But, whether you’re looking for a great strain to share with friends or family or just need to choose the right strain to kick back and smoke while watching some movies, it can be hard to decide which strain to choose. […]

3 Unforgettable Rosins

CBX cannabis concentrates, weed shop

When it comes to the world of cannabis concentrates, or dabs, most people look for those that are affordable, potent, and pure. Which is why rosin has grown in popularity. Maintaining a sticky, sap-like consistency, rosin is loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. The best rosins out there outshine the other cannabis concentrates available on the […]

14 Winter Date Ideas for Stoners

Cannabis Weed Dispensary around LA

Cuddling up in front of the TV is always fun. So is visiting your favorite dispensary together — for the millionth time. But, while it’s good to have your familiar routine, it’s also a good idea to switch things up a bit to keep the excitement alive. And, now that it’s one of the most […]

It’s Here, The LA Cannabis Co Online Merch Store is Now Open!

la cannabis co weed shop in Los Angeles

A t-shirt or beanie you picked up at your favorite Los Angeles dispensary can be a great conversation starter, and it’s a versatile souvenir to enjoy long after you’ve finished whatever products you bring home. During these hard times when you can’t go to your favorite dispensary, you can still buy something to show your […]

Brand Spotlight: Fig Farms

Fig Farms California Cannabis near me

Based in Sonoma county, Fig Farms is focused on growing in-house strains that have been bred to perfection through years of research and development. They use original landrace strains for breeding, which makes it possible for them to create hybrids with highly unique characteristics that you won’t find in other breeding lines. Fig Farms won […]

Quiz: What Type of Stoner Are You? 

marijuana shop in California

Ever wonder what type of stoner you are? In today’s world, it’s difficult to know everything about weed (because it’s such a massive topic). Because of this, many stoners choose to focus on what they love most about this wonderful plant — usually, the high. You could be someone who rarely smokes, or maybe you’re […]

A Peek into Kings Garden

Kings Garden royal botanicals marijuana deals

A good jar of cannabis can easily transform your mood. It can uplift you and wrap you up in a wave of euphoria, or it can relax you and prepare you for a full night’s rest. It’s safe to say no other herb has the potential to captivate an audience like weed does. Which means […]

10 Solutions to Solve 10 Common Stoner Problems

la cannabis co weed shop

If cannabis is a regular part of your daily routine, we’re guessing you love it. It’s uplifting, it’s relaxing, and it makes things better. But, sometimes, it can be a lot of hassle. These stoner problems may come with the territory, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck. Here are ten of the most common […]

A Look at 3C Farms

weed shop near me california

Weed can be seductively changeable, evolving across both years and hours. You want to collect it, to know it. Of the many wonderful brands we carry, the selections from 3C Farms are ones that, when smoked, tasted like nothing else – and left us longing for more. 3C Farms cultivates premium craft cannabis with potency, […]

10 Amazing Thanksgiving Strains to Smoke Right Now

Thanksgiving is a holiday that involves spending quality time with family, friends, and other loved ones. Maybe you have a feast planned and the whole family is coming over. Or perhaps you’re going more low-key this year and are simply hosting a little get-together with plenty of weed and loads of snacks. No matter what […]

A Guide to Choosing a Cannabis Strain

cannabis dispensary near me

When visiting your local Los Angeles dispensary, a budtender can assist you in choosing a strain, even if you do not know much about weed yourself. By asking about the flavors and effects you most enjoy, they can recommend a strain that suits your preferences. But, what happens when you’re browsing the online menu of […]

Relax With Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato

cannabis vape near me california

You stand, toes in the sand, looking out at the ocean. Lost in the rhythmic movement of the waves, your eyes are steady on the horizon, face aglow with golden rays. Your lips bear the semblance of a smile as you put the vape cartridge to your lips. You take a puff, and Sunset Gelato […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

weed dispensary in california

KingPen – Vapes Available in .3g Disposables and .5g Cartridges Kings Garden – 1g Concentrates available in Live Shatter, Live Sugar, and Live Budder! Papa & Barkley – 1:1 Releaf Tincture Heavy Hitters – 1g Live Resin Vape Cartridges Top Notch Cannabis – 1.4g PreRoll Infused With Rosin & Bubble Hash Glazed With Distillate Rolled […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

420 mothers day gift guide weed shop

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 Rho Phyto By Kings Garden Our story is your next step to finding something different — Rho Phyto products have been formulated to support a variety of your health and wellness needs. Exclusive data collected through Avicanna’s™ research and development efforts enabled the development of these safe, cannabinoid therapies which […]

Get Your Medical Cannabis Recommendation & Save on Recreational Taxes

Did you know that people with a Medical Cannabis Recommendation save on each visit by avoiding Recreational Cannabis Taxes? Recommendation holders also enjoy the benefits of increased purchase and carry limits. Currently, a recreational user is only allowed to purchase & possess up to 1oz of Cannabis, but with a Medical Cannabis Recommendation, you are […]

Ways to Stay Lifted Without Inhaling

Weed Smoking alternativs in California, weed dispensary shop

We wanted to share some smoking alternatives with you to help keep your lungs healthy. 2020 has already been a rollercoaster, and with COVID-19 spreading, we thought these suggestions might be helpful. Edibles If you’re new to edibles, please start slow! No matter how delicious your medicated treat is! It is best for new users, […]

2020 Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

Valentines gift cannabis deals in La

Valentine’s Day might be the hardest holiday when it comes to shopping for your better half. Regardless of whether you’re in a new relationship or married to your long-time love, the pressure to eschew traditional gifts for something more personal—but not too hokey—can drive you mad. Thankfully, if your valentine this year love’s Cannabis, we’re […]

Cannabis & Fitness

Contrary to popular belief…Eight in 10 cannabis users in states where cannabis is legal, told University of Colorado-Boulder researchers that they ingest cannabis shortly before or after exercise. In fact, two-thirds (67%) said they used it both before and after their workouts, according to the new paper published in Frontiers in Public Health. Researchers surveyed […]

6 Women Owned Cannabis Brands

la cannabis co honey pot weed shop

We have curated a list of some of our favorite brands that we carry who we are proud to say, are women-owned. Is your favorite vendor on our list, did you know they were women-owned? Let us know in the comment section below. Honey Pot  With a shelf full of Cannabis Cup awards for her […]

Humboldt Apothecary Bitters Soda Recipe & 5 Other Ways to Use Bitters

Winter bitters weed sale near me

Winter is upon us, and what better way to celebrate, than by adding Bitters to our recipes? Did you know you could use bitters in more than just your cocktail recipes? We wanted to spotlight the “Winter Bitters” by Humboldt Apothecary, and give you some great ideas… Humboldt Apothecary Bitters Soda Recipe INGREDIENTS 1-2 mL […]

Limited LA Kings Holiday Gift Packages

La Cannabis Co Game Ticket

Stop by your favorite LA Cannabis Co location to get your hands on these Limited LA Kings Gift Packages for only $100. Watch the LA Kings go head to head against the Nashville Predators or the Dallas Stars, the choice is yours! All Gift Packages Include The Following: 2 LA Kings Tickets (Your Choice) 1 […]

10 Strains for Winter

Cannabis weeds store for Gifts

The perfect Strains to enjoy this holiday season… Cheer – Canndescent CHEER is a Sativa-leaning hybrid for lively gatherings that bring everyone closer. This holiday season, relax in the moment and enhance the experience with Canndescent’s new limited edition Holiday effect, CHEER. Reduce stress and anxiety while bringing out your social side so you can […]

Zendo 500mg THC Infused Coconut Oil

Zendo Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin coconut oil

This semi-sweet smelling, topical home essential is rumored to make miracles happen, like mitigating aging and strengthening heart and thyroid. Studies also suggest that coconut oil may prevent Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and diabetes while keeping modern day issues like weight gain and skin blemishes at bay. From smoothies to coffee, spike your favorite drinks with this […]

Herb Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey With Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil by Zendo

Turkey with Coconut oil

Thanksgiving is next week! Don’t panic, you still have plenty of time to make a standout dish with this Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Turkey Recipe! If this is your first rodeo preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey and are a visual learner, there are plenty of how to video’s on YouTube that can give you that extra […]

Zendo Coconut Oil Pie Crust

It’s Holiday season and let’s face it, we’re all excited to break bread with our loved ones! So, when we found this 5 Ingredient Coconut Oil Pie Crust recipe the first thing we thought about was Zendo’s Coconut Oil as the perfect enhancement to this recipe. Coconut Oil is a healthier alternative to traditional butter […]

Cannabis Capsules 101

La Cannabis Co, cannabis cupsules

Cannabis Capsules, that has a nice ring to it right? We know most Cannabis enthusiasts prefer to enjoy our beloved plant by combustion; but what are the benefits of Cannabis Capsules, what are they made up of and how do those that do exist differentiate from one another? Similar to capsules or soft gels that […]

Puffco Peak Smart Rig Now Available!

We are happy to announce that we now carry the Puffco Peak Smart Rig in Black, as well as Neon Lightning! In addition to the Smart Rig, we also have the Puffco travel kits, and extra atomizers! The travel pack is the perfect companion for the dabber on the move. The pack includes: – Carb Cap Tether […]

The Story of Papa of Papa’s Herb

Papas Herb cannabis weed store

The story goes like this. It’s 1985. Papa was the king of Miami… strolling around town wearing his white suit, mesh loafers, and dark shades, chatting up all the ladies. Papa knew everybody and everybody knew Papa. He was the kind of guy you couldn’t help but like – a big personality with a big […]

October is National Cookie Month

Scary Halloween cookies, weed store nearby

Did you know that October was National Cookie Month every year!? It may be the end of the month but it’s never too late to enjoy some of your favorite cannabis infused cookies from some of our favorite brands. Currently we are carrying some of the best brands in the industry: 1. Dr. Norms available […]

9 Strains for Halloween Available at LA Cannabis Co

3C Farms Halloween cannabis deals

Halloween is only a few days a way so we decided to recommend 9 spooky strains to you that are available at LA Cannabis Co as a treat! 1.) Midnight Express from Venice Shores 2.) Black Lotus from 3C Farms 3.) Bhang Bhang from Cream of the Crop 4.) Gorilla Glue from HITit 5.) Lemon […]

HITit Stopped by Our Inglewood Location

Weed dispensary store around California

It’s always a good time when our friend over at HITit come to stop by! We are currently carrying HITit’s Gorilla Glue, XO Punch & Weednozz at all 3 of our LA Cannabis Co locations.

Cornerstone Wellness Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Cornerstone Wellness Full Spectrum CBD Oil

When searching for CBD you may be wondering what is the difference between CBD Isolate & Full Spectrum CBD? CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD without any traces of THC or other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD on the other hand has CBD, other cannabinoids & THC in it which is sought after by […]

My Best Bud Whole Flower Cannabis Medicine

My best bud products The first question most people asks’s My Best Bud is, “Is THC safe to give to my pet?”. Perhaps you have the same question? Lucky for you, My Best Bud has an answer: Yes, in safe doses. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that CBD works best in combination with […]

Humboldt Apothecary CBD Infused Vegan Maple Chai Smoothie Bowl

Humboldt Apothecary CBD Infused Vegan

As Cannasseurs, we love seeing the new things that are being created with cannabis daily. When we stumbled on this Relax CBD infused Vegan Maple Chai Smoothie Bowl recipe from Humboldt Apothecary we knew you would appreciate to know how to make one yourself! Who’s ready for a treat!? 1 large banana, peeled, frozen, and […]

Cypress Cannabis

Cypress Cannabis dispensary California

We are happy to announce that we have added Cypress Cannabis to our menu! Be sure to keep an eye out for strains like (ECSD) East Coast Sour Diesel at all of our LA Cannabis Co locations. Cypress Cannabis is grown in one of the agricultural epicenters of the country, Salinas Valley in Monterey County, […]

Honey Pot is Back!

la cannabis co weed shop nearby

Natural ingredients and sweet relief Honey Pot is proud to offer great tasting and easy ways to consume cannabis. Our goal is to provide remedies from natural resources to help patients get through their days in comfort and wellness. Honey Pot offers cannabis paired with other natural ingredients to maximize the benefits while eliciting a […]

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