Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit
Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

When searching for CBD you may be wondering what is the difference between CBD Isolate & Full Spectrum CBD? CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD without any traces of THC or other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD on the other hand has CBD, other cannabinoids & THC in it which is sought after by people who are looking to take advantage of the entourage effect that allows all of the cannabinoids to work together to become more effective. A study that was conducted back in 2005 showed that subjects that were given Full Spectrum CBD oil experienced heightened relief compared to those who were given CBD isolate.

This does not make CBD isolate inferior, but simply an alternative. CBD isolate is great for people who are sensitive to other cannabinoids & THC, or simply don’t want to run the risk of testing positive on an upcoming drug test. CBD isolate is still effective, but as mentioned studies have show that Full Spectrum CBD can offer heightened relief.

If you are interested in a Full Spectrum CBD Oil we would carry and recommend Cornerstone Wellness’s highly concentrated, full plant ethanol extracted Healing Oil.  This Full Spectrum Oil is extremely potent and shows great promise in the treatment of various chronic and newly experienced conditions. Cornerstone’s CBD rich Healing Oil can be used by those dealing with chronic pain; cancer cancer induced symptoms such as nausea, cachexia, appetite stimulation and pain; Chrons disease and other digestive disorders; Neurodegenerative conditions; epilepsy; spasms; diabetes and blood sugar regulation; anxiety disorders, inflammation and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It is also an effective treatment for chronic stress and can be utilized as day-to-day preventative medicine for those seeking homeostasis. Can be used topically and orally. 22:1 CBD to THC Ratio.

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