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Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

When it comes to the world of cannabis concentrates, or dabs, most people look for those that are affordable, potent, and pure. Which is why rosin has grown in popularity.

Maintaining a sticky, sap-like consistency, rosin is loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes.

The best rosins out there outshine the other cannabis concentrates available on the market.

But, what is rosin?

Rosin is the concentrate produced by the application of heat and pressure to the cannabis plant. Rosin is steadily growing in popularity because the concentration does not require the use of any external solvents. Additionally, rosin can be a way to turn lower-grade hash into a dabbable concentrate.

Rosin can be produced at home with a hair straightener or a rosin press, or can be produced on a much larger scale with an industrial rosin press.

If you’re looking for solvent-free concentrates, rosin is the way to go. But, if you’re new to solventless dabs, it can be tricky to know where to start. We’ve outlined three of the best rosin options out there, all available within our LA Cannabis Co locations.

Cannabiotix Orange Crush Dry Sift Rosin

Dry sift rosin is created through the pressing and heating of dry sift. This Orange Crush rosin from Cannabiotix provides a strong cerebral high that drenches one in a wave of euphoria. The effects are uplifting and creative, though it is also paired with some relaxation. Orange Crush is popular for its citrus flavor and earthy orange peel scent. If you’re looking for something to dab with friends, this is the rosin for you. It’s social and euphoric, just perfect for an afternoon sesh.

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis company founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema and JB. Today, the company is owned and operated by two best friends, Samari and Eran Haroni. The goal was to be able to provide their friends and family with the craziest weed they had ever seen or smoked.

The Cure Company Tire Fire Flower Rosin

The Cure Company produces a rosin that is their own version of Tire Fire. Tire FIre is a cross between High Octane OG x Do-Si-Dos. This potent indica dominant hybrid produces a sense of euphoria while also promoting a relaxed and balanced effect. This pungent strain is full of sweet aromas with notes of burnt tires. Take dabs of this rosin if you’re feeling stressed out or just need a mood uplift.

The Cure Company XXX OG Flower Rosin

Flower rosin has a rich, creamy texture and is the perfect representation of the strain. The Cure Company’s XXX OG is an indica-dominant flower rosin that was created through the crossing of XXX and OG Kush. This strain gives off a woodsy, citrusy scent and tastes sweet, earthy, and lemony all at once. This rosin starts out with a rush of euphoria, lifting your mood and bringing a smile to your face. Then, gradual relaxation starts to set in, beginning from the top of your head and slowly washing over your whole body. Your mind may start to wander and you may find yourself getting quite reflective and introspective. This is a good one to enjoy solo, after a particularly long day.

The Cure Company is known for collaborating with high-profile celebrities such as Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg. Cannabis culture’s most beloved icons and artists approve this cannabis, and we know you’ll love it too.

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