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Cuddling up in front of the TV is always fun. So is visiting your favorite dispensary together — for the millionth time. But, while it’s good to have your familiar routine, it’s also a good idea to switch things up a bit to keep the excitement alive. And, now that it’s one of the most romantic seasons, it’s time to try something a little different.

There are so many things couples can do once the temperatures start to drop, and the holiday season hits. With things on lockdown, it can be difficult to get out there and do the things you would normally do. This is why we’ve come up with this list of 14 fun winter date ideas for stoners. So, grab your sweetie and your weed, and get started on this list.

14 Winter Date Ideas for Stoners

1. Get stony at the beach

One of the greatest things about living in California is being able to visit the beach in the winter without completely freezing. Sure, the water is going to be incredibly cold, but you don’t need to go in the water to enjoy being at the beach. The beach city air temperatures generally hover around 60-70 degrees in the winter, which is cold enough to ensure it’s not going to be crowded, but warm enough to enjoy walking along the water in a comfy hoodie. Pack some pre-rolls and blaze as you stroll along.

2. Catch a drive-in movie

Pack up some joints or your pipe and flower, and head out to the drive-in. Hotbox the car while you’re watching the movie. Be sure to keep the heater on, so you both stay nice and warm.

3. Take an online cooking class

Whether you’re learning how to make lasagna from scratch or bake a healthy pizza, an online cooking class is a fun way to create fun memories with your partner. You don’t have to leave your kitchen for this, so you can munch on edibles and take dabs as you follow along with the class.

4. Go for a hike

Grab your jackets, some joints, and your partner, and hit the trails near you. You’ll take in some beautiful views while encouraging one another to keep going. Plus, what’s better than smoking some joints among nature?

5. Have a stoner movie marathon

What list of the fun winter date ideas for stoners would be complete without the inclusion of stoner movies? Pick a bunch of stoner movies that you love or have never seen before, and have a movie marathon with your partner. Don’t forget the weed and dabs!

6. Go dab-for-dab

This is a fun game to play with your partner on a cozy night in. Meet each other dab for dab, and see who can take the most. The person who wins gets a fun reward, like a back massage.

7. Try new foods

Switch things up by trying a new cuisine you’ve never had before and order something you’re unsure of. This will be fun for both of you, as you get to step out of your comfort zone together and try something new. Because so many restaurants are closed right now or are take-out only, try ordering from UberEats or DoorDash and have it delivered straight to your door. This way, you can smoke until the food gets there and then blaze again right after you’re done eating.

8. Stay in a nice hotel for the weekend

Getaway for the weekend with your sweetie and head to a nice hotel. If you want to smoke in the room, opt for a smoking room. Otherwise, pack a bunch of edibles in your bag. Spend some time together, exploring the city, walking around, and taking in the sights. Just don’t forget your mask and a jacket!

9. Go stargazing

Sometimes, the best thing for a relationship is allowing one another to put their stresses away, stop thinking for a moment, and just be in the moment. Something as simple as heading to an unlit area and looking up at the night sky, taking in all of the twinkling stars, can be a very romantic experience. Share a joint as you stargaze, and try to find as many constellations as you can find.

10. Watch the sunset

Go to an area with a great view of the sunset, and bring the bong and your favorite strain. We, as people, spend so much time busy with our thoughts and everything we have to keep track of. This can lead to isolation, even in a relationship. Wake up early to watch the sunrise under a blanket together, or watch the sunset while passing the bong back and forth and holding hands. This is a great way to be present together, bringing the focus onto the two of you.

11. Pick out a Christmas tree

Get stoned and head to the Christmas tree lot to pick out this year’s tree. Don’t forget to measure the space where you’re going to put it!

12. Go on a picnic

Again, one of the best things about living in this area is the fact that you can enjoy the outdoors all year-round. Never underestimate the value of a quiet date, like a picnic. These types of dates lend themselves well to deep conversations that bring you closer together. Pack some edibles, some flower, a bong, and all the foods you think you would want to eat. Then, take a little drive to a scenic spot where you won’t be disturbed.

13. Head to the snow

Pack up your weed, some warm clothes, and a bong that’s easy to travel with. Head out to Big Bear or Mammoth for a weekend to take in the winter scenery. Spend the weekend nice and toasty indoors, smoking away, but be sure to go outside and play in the snow too.

14. Go dispensary hopping

You’ve heard of bar hopping, but now it’s time to do some dispensary hopping. The idea is to stop by as many dispensaries as you can in a set amount of time, such as an afternoon. Buy something from each one, and then take your goodies back home to enjoy. This is one shopping excursion you will both enjoy!

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Dinner and a movie make for a great date, but stoners want something a little different. And different is what this list brings you. Next time you’re unsure of what to do for a date with Bae, refer back to this list of fun winter date ideas for stoners.

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