Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit
Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

Weed can be seductively changeable, evolving across both years and hours. You want to collect it, to know it. Of the many wonderful brands we carry, the selections from 3C Farms are ones that, when smoked, tasted like nothing else – and left us longing for more.

3C Farms cultivates premium craft cannabis with potency, quality, and sustainability that’s hard to beat. They feel they have a responsibility to protect the future of clean medicine with the intention to create more sustainable means of cultivation. They are always pushing the limits of what is possible through cannabis, and finely tuning their process and genetics to perfection. They call this “Craft Cannabis Cultivation”, or 3C.

Must-Try 3C Farms Products

Banana Split OG

Banana Split OG is a 3C Farms original that combines flavors of tropical fruits with an exotic aroma, and full-bodied indica effects. Carefully cultivated and cured with love, 3C Farms perfected this bud to its most potent state. Keep a tastebud out for the cherry afternotes on the exhale, and enjoy flooding relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and even insomnia after only a few hits.

Gelato 33

3C Farms Gelato 33 is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. This sweet and fruity strain smells of orange and fresh earth. Indica-dominant and potent, the smooth and sweet palate offers citrus and berry flavors that close on an earthy note. Euphoria and full-body relaxation accompany this strain and, if you smoke enough of it, you’ll wind up taking a nap.

Jack Kraken

Jack Kraken by 3C Farms brings on effects of bliss, clear-headedness, and creativity. Fresh earth, flowers, and pungent diesel are on the nose of this strain, while the flavors are wet soil, mint, and pine.

Kush Cookies

3C Farms Kush Cookies is a potent indica-dominant hybrid created through the crossing of 3C Thin Mints and 3C Illuminati OG. Sweet mint and fresh earth are the aromas of this flower, while the flavor is very sweet and earthy with hints of pine. Smoke a bowl of this, and you’ll be drenched in a wave of euphoria that leaves you very uplifted. As the high builds, it gives way to full-body relaxation – and strong munchies.

Today’s 3C Farms Deal

Want to try some of these amazing 3C Farms strains for yourself? Today only, buy any 3C Farms 3.5g flower and you’ll get a 3C Strawberry Farms 1g PreRoll for just $3!

Available at all 3 of our LA Cannabis Co locations.

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