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Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Rho Phyto By Kings Garden

Our story is your next step to finding something different — Rho Phyto products have been formulated to support a variety of your health and wellness needs. Exclusive data collected through Avicanna’s™ research and development efforts enabled the development of these safe, cannabinoid therapies which continuously undergo rigorous testing to ensure product stability, delivery optimization and consistency from one bottle to the next. Setting the benchmark for evidence-based quality standards, our products consist of a range of innovative delivery methods that include oral formulations and topical preparations.

AC OG By 3C Farms

This award-winning strain was hard to get right, but it was worth the wait. It is very difficult to produce a 2:1, CBD-dominant strain, but after years of effort, we did it. In choosing to cross AC/DC with our Illuminati OG Kush, we created an extraordinarily well-rounded pheno you just have to try to believe.

Kush Queen

Yes, they are gorgeous and smell incredible, but more importantly, our bath bombs are intelligently designed around the entourage effect, which is the enhanced effect that full-spectrum cannabinoids have when they are combined with terpenes, or essential oils. Every essential oil is chosen for its specific effect so you can have a luxurious bath experience like never before.

Sparkling Pear Gummies by Camino

Kiva’s Sparkling Pear Camino gummies pair an unconventional (120MG CBD/40MG THC) ratio of CBD to THC for a euphoric high without any anxiety. Transform your day into a weekend in wine country. 20 servings per package. Each serving contains 2mg THC and 6mg CBD.


Yummi Karma Cannabis Drops

With Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil, the full range of beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds originally present in the cannabis plant are separated from the unwanted plant matter and preserved to produce the

Entourage Effect. Our high-quality cannabis oil, obtained through the process of distillation, tests at around 90% or higher. Our cannabis drops now look clearer and taste even better, while the efficacy of each product is sustained, if not improved.

Cann Social Tonic

Uniquely designed to be approachable even for someone who has never previously considered cannabis as a part of their social lives — and appealing to that consumer is what it takes for a product to break the ‘stoner’ stigma and cross over into the mainstream. Each Cann beverage contains a balanced mix of 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD and offers a light and energetic social buzz, without the hangover. Available in single cans, and 6 Packs.

Honey Pot

Simplicity at its finest, Honey Pot combines California Extra Virgin Olive Oil with ultra-pure high potency cannabis oil. Easy to infuse all manner of product at a variety of dosing sizes. Just measure and add into recipes or meals. This can be as simple as dipping fresh bread or drizzling over salad.


LA Cannabis Co – FSO Cartridge

There’s a NEW Full Spectrum Oil Cartridge in town, made from our Signature Strain, Fire OG. Full Spectrum Oil is obtained by going from flower to oil without selectively removing any terpenes or cannabinoids intrinsic to the flower.

Distillate is achieved by selectively separating THC from all the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil. This selectively results in a higher THC content cartridge.

Sonoma Glue 3.5g Flower – FloraCal

Can’t go wine tasting in Sonoma County for Mother’s Day, so bring the delicious wine region flavors to mom!

GOOD brand- Infused Kief joints.

GOOD joints for a good mom!

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