Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit
Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

Did you know that October was National Cookie Month every year!? It may be the end of the month but it’s never too late to enjoy some of your favorite cannabis infused cookies from some of our favorite brands. Currently we are carrying some of the best brands in the industry:

1. Dr. Norms available as a 10pk & single serving with a CBD option too!

2. Big Pete’s available in a 10pk.

3. Original Pot Co. available as a 10pk & single serving.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best cannabis cookies available to you and they even have a pretty sweet back story as well!

Dr. Norms

Dr. Norm’s was founded by the brother-sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson.

Our dad was a beloved M.D. who gave special old-school care to every patient. The idea for Dr. Norm’s came from our experience in the traditional cookie industry. We started a company in 2012 in honor of our Mom. She spread love through her cookies and felt they were the best prescription for all that ails.

In fact, Dr. Norm’s cookies are based on her original secret recipes.

We took the success we had with our cookie brand (sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco, Stater Bros. & more) and brought it to the cannabis edibles market.

Big Pete’s

Santa Cruz is where it all began. As a young man growing cannabis and baking cookies, Big Pete devoted himself to creating consistent, wonderful edibles that harness the healing power of cannabis-infused butter. After 6 years surfing and enjoying the good vibes in Hawaii,Pete returned to Santa Cruz to start his business in 2009, focused on helping people with medical cannabis.

As the legalization movement swept through the West, Big Pete realized he couldn’t handle everything on his own, so his son Pete Jr.and daughter Katie learned how to navigate the uncharted waters of a newly legal, quickly evolving industry. Big Pete’s Treats have entered contests and won awards, earning shelf space in over 100 California dispensaries. Most importantly, positive testimonials from patients affirm that Big Pete’s Treats have helped people in countless ways.

Original Pot Co.

The Original Pot Company infuses the best elements of yesterday with the highest quality cannabis extracts of today in pursuit of the ultimate cannabis cookie. Hand-baked in Monterey County, these cookies are created with a belief that quality products start with great ingredients. The result can be tasted in the unadulterated goodness of these delicious cookies, with the goal being that it’s the best cookie you’ve ever had…with just one extra ingredient.

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