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Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

A good jar of cannabis can easily transform your mood. It can uplift you and wrap you up in a wave of euphoria, or it can relax you and prepare you for a full night’s rest.

It’s safe to say no other herb has the potential to captivate an audience like weed does. Which means that, no matter what the price tag says, your favorite jar of weed is a priceless investment.

Weed is a lot like your favorite snapback – you want a different one for every occasion. But, knowing what to smoke next can be a difficult – but also enjoyable – adventure.

And where else to start searching but among the best?

We’re talking Kings Garden.

As the original and largest cultivator in Coachella Valley, Kings Garden holds a promise to produce a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, and superior quality strains of cannabis – all on a scale that has never been accomplished in the industry before.

They produce the weed that other weed gets compared to.

Here, you’ll find top-shelf strains you want to share with your friends, and some you’ll want to keep tucked away in your stash for the most special of occasions.

Either way, when you smoke Kings Garden, you’ll be living like a king.

Must-Try Kings Garden Strains


Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid famous for its ambrosial, sweet flavor and powerful effects fueled by a high THC level. Gelato tastes of berries and orange, while the aroma is just as sweet with lavender, citrus, and berry notes with a woody undertone. While its flavor is definitely something to write home about, the effects are what have earned this strain its place on the “best loved” list. Smoke a bowl of Kings Garden Gelato, and you’ll feel an almost immediate cerebral rush that brings on a wave of euphoric bliss and focused energy. As your high builds, a creeping relaxation spreads over your limbs and leaves you completely calm.

Ice Cream Cake

Feel like a kid again with the sweet Kings Garden Ice Cream Cake. This indica-dominant hybrid holds mouth-watering aromas and flavors. Creamy vanilla and sugar greet the palate and nose, and the sweetness lingers long after your last hit. The high from this strain begins with a rush of euphoria and relaxation, though it doesn’t come with a lot of energy. You’re happy and relaxed, and then the high becomes sedating. This is a strain best reserved for a night spent on the couch, watching TV, or right before you’re ready to go to bed.

33 Bananas

Kings Garden 33 Bananas is an indica-dominant hybrid born through the crossing of OG Kush with Banana. Highly aromatic and full of flavor, this hybrid is aptly named with its scent and flavors of very ripe bananas. This is a highly euphoric, but also very sedating strain. The high starts with an uplifting cerebral rush that melts into a full-body relaxation that sinks you down into the couch. The strain is a creeper strain, so you get a slow build that leads to sedation and some pretty intense munchies. After that, you’re ready to sleep.


Cake Walk

You really can have cake for dinner when it comes to the Kings Garden Cake Walk strain! Open the jar, and rich aromas of freshly baked cake, cookies, and baking spices give a preview of the flavors that lie within the nugs. Smoke a bowl of this, and you’ll feel an instant wave of euphoria that is quickly followed by both mental and physical relaxation. You’ll feel uplifted and happy, yet perfectly calm at the same time. If you continue smoking more, or as your high builds, you grow more couch-locked and hungry. This is a great strain for experienced stoners, especially if you’re unwinding after a particularly trying day.

Kings Cake

Kings Cake is a balanced hybrid with an energizing and euphoric high. The nugs carry a sweet earthy scent that gives a hint of the flavor. The flavor is earthy, but with sweet and sage notes. This is a great choice for any smoke sesh, as it gives both mental and physical energy. The energizing high does give way to a relaxing body melt, making you feel at ease in virtually any situation.

OG King

As the name suggests, OG King is the king of all of OG Kush. The aroma is sweet and heavy, with an earthy scent accented by citrus. Breaking open and burning the buds releases a pine aroma. The smoke is often a little harsh, but deliciously hashy and spicy. This pungent strain has a scent that lingers in the air for a while after your last hit – so those who need to be discreet should take precautions. The high from OG King is more mental than physical, starting with a focused cerebral rush that heightens awareness and leads to euphoria. The euphoria and mental stimulation makes this a great social strain, perfect for seshing with friends. This hybrid will energize your mind, while relaxing your body.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a popular strain you’ve likely heard of at some point. And, it’s one that’s definitely earned its popularity. The flavors and aromas are very similar to one another, with bold notes of blueberry and pine. The high is euphoric and uplifting, with strong full-body relaxation that will have you sinking down into the couch after just a couple of bowls. You’ll find you have plenty of mental energy and feel social, but still very physically relaxed. This is a great strain to share with friends during a smoke sesh.

Jack Herer

Looking for a good strain for your next wake and bake? Kings Garden Jack Herer is it! The sticky buds carry a pleasant floral scent with hints of orange-lemon zest. Breaking open the buds releases more of the citrus aroma, along with some peppery notes. When combusted, the flowers smell like sage. The very smooth smoke offers an herbal flavor, though leaves behind a spiced floral scent as though one was burning incense. Smoke a bowl of this and you’ll be met with a strong, energizing cerebral rush that will wake you right up. After you smoke more, or as time goes by, this energizing high is followed by a full-body relaxation that is calming but not the least bit sedating. There is also marked creativity with this strain, making it a good one to enjoy before diving into work. Definitely a daytime strain, Jack Herer is the ideal strain for a wake and bake.

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