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Ever wonder what type of stoner you are?

In today’s world, it’s difficult to know everything about weed (because it’s such a massive topic). Because of this, many stoners choose to focus on what they love most about this wonderful plant — usually, the high.

You could be someone who rarely smokes, or maybe you’re someone who only indulges every now and then. Perhaps you’re an all-day toker.

Take this simple stoner quiz to find out how you compare to other stoners.

Quiz: What Type of Stoner Are You?

1. What does your stash look like?

A.) You mean my mason jar?
B.) A collection of jars on my table.
C.) I keep my jars in a drawer, away from light.
D.) I store my weed in humidity-controlled jars, away from light and temperature fluctuations.

2. How do you smoke?

A.) Joints for me
B.) Glass pipes.
C.) Bongs and dab rigs with a torch, mostly.
D.) Bongs for flower, e-nail, and rig for dabs.

3. Tell me about your glass.

A.) I don’t use glass.
B.) I got it on sale at my local smoke shop.
C.) It’s beautiful and came from my favorite dispensary.
D.) Heady, hand-blown glass. Not cheap.

4. How much do you smoke?

A.) Every now and then.
B.) I smoke with friends.
C.) Before and after work, usually.
D.) All-day, every day.

5. What do you call concentrates?

A.) I don’t
B.) Dabs
C.) Wax
D.) Concentrates

6. Do you write weed reviews?

A.) Nope, I just smoke it.
B.) Sometimes, if I like the strain a lot.
C.) I write them and I read them.
D.) I write in-depth cannabis reviews, as well as read the reviews of others.

7. How much cannabis apparel do you own?

A.) None at all.
B.) I have a couple of things with pot leaves on them.
C.) I have weed shirts, hoodies, and hats.
D.) I have more cannabis apparel than regular apparel or at least just as much.



Mostly A: Dabbler

You smoke up every now and then, but mostly just joints and usually just with friends. Weed isn’t a big part of your life — yet.

Mostly B: The Weekend Stoner

It’s Friday, you’re off work, and the weekend has finally arrived. You don’t make plans for Saturday or Sunday because you know you’ll be seshing well into the wee hours and sleeping in the afternoon, when you’ll be ready to smoke again. Not smoking during the week isn’t a problem for you. You can happily make it through Monday to Thursday without toking, but you work hard and love to reward yourself with seshes on the weekend.

The hardest part for you is deciding what to smoke next. Fortunately, this post on choosing a strain has you covered.

Mostly C: Weed Geek

You smoke to perk up, and to unwind and forget the troubles of the day. And, let’s face it, you deserve it. Some bong rips and a dab or two in the evening signals the end of the work day and you use weed to relax. During particularly stressful times, you smoke a blunt or two to help you sleep. You also like to Wake and Bake with a good, energizing sativa.

But, what do you do when stoner problems arise? Check out this post for solutions.

Mostly D: Cannabis Connoisseur

You spare no expense when it comes to weed, and you love to show off your glass collection. You’re proud of your stash, and you should be. You worked hard to get here. You’re a daily stoner, smoking all throughout the day whenever possible. Weed is life.

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