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Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

The act of smoking cannabis has been around for centuries, and so has the question of how to get the most out of the cannabis experience. For those that want to take their sniffing, smoking, and savoring to the next level, there is an innovative cannabis vape technology every stoner needs. This new device will improve your cannabis experience every step of the way regardless of whether you can pick out the subtle vanilla notes in a strain, or just love sitting outside and puffing away on your vape pen all day. 

Trading in your weak cartridges and investing in your cannabis enthusiasm is all part of adulting. To get the most out of your cannabis experience, check out the new Dosist technology and formulas. 

Since 2016, Dosist has been committed to using the healing power of cannabis to provide natural, plant-based therapies delivered via dose-controlled technology that is always consistent, effective, and predictable. 

They are known for their targeted formulas, proprietary award-winning dose-controlled devices, rigorous testing, use of medical-grade and recyclable materials, and their obsession with providing cannabis consumers with a safe, natural, and easily repeatable experience.

All Dosist products adhere to the strictest of compliance regulations and their targeted formulas are tested multiple times during production to ensure they are always safe, precise, and free of contaminants.

And, they certainly reached a whole new level with their unique cannabis vape pens.

Dosist Disposable Vape Pens  

Each of these pre-filled, disposable vape pens contains a specific number of doses, with precise delivery and predictable results every single time. 

Calm Disposable Vape 200 Doses 

This is a pre-filled, disposable vape pen containing 200 doses of a high-CBD formula. This formula harnesses the anti-anxiety properties of CBD, coupled with the calming effects of myrcene, and the balancing influences of Beta-Caryophyllene and Limone. This pen delivers over 200 doses at 2.25mg per dose, and it ensures a precise dose every time. 

Sleep Disposable Vape 200 Doses 

This pre-filled disposable vape pen holds a THC-focused formula supported by CBD in a ratio of 8:1 THC:CBD. The formula is supported by a sleep-promoting terpene blend that calms and relaxes your body and mind to ensure a restful night of sleep. This vape pen offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures precise dosage every time. 

Bliss THC Plus Disposable Vape 

This disposable vape pen contains an invigorating blend of high-potency cannabis specifically designed to deliver feelings of euphoria and energy. This is ideal for those seeking euphoria, vitality, and energy. This Bliss THC-Plus is available in the 200 dose/500mg formula pod and in the 100 dose / 250mg dose pen 100. 

Relax THC Plus Disposable Vape 

This is a tranquil blend of high-potency cannabis designed to deliver feelings of ease and relaxation. The proprietary technology controls airflow and heating, ensuring the same 2.5mg dose every time. 

Arouse THC Plus Disposable Vape 

This disposable vape pen contains a balanced blend of high-potency cannabis designed to deliver a feeling of stimulation and clarity. Ideal for those seeking stimulation, focus, and mood elevation. Arouse THC-Plus is available in 200 dose/500mg formula pod and in the 100 dose/250mg dose pen 100. 

Dosist Dose Pen Rechargeable and Dose Pen 100 

The Dose Pen Rechargeable is Dosist’s new, exclusive innovation that provides you with a rechargeable, sustainable, and flexible cannabis experience. This pen joins the newly engineered Dose Pen 100 disposable pen to give you even more options to take control of your health and happiness. 

Both the Dose Pen Rechargeable and the Dose Pen 100 are designed to deliver safe, effective, cannabis-based, targeted formulas in a precise dose each and every time.

Formula pods are available, delivering a wide range of different effects: 

Take the guesswork out of medicating! 

Dosist Dose Dial 

This new cannabis technology is unlike anything out there. This dose-controlled, child-resistant device delivers a single, 3.7mg dissolvable tablet with the simple turn of a dial. 

Each Dosist Tablet is a 3.7mg micro-dose that has been optimized to provide targeted benefits without any overwhelming effects. 

The Dosist proprietary encapsulation process and sublingual delivery create greater bioavailability of the present cannabinoids, resulting in faster absorption, a more controlled onset, and a targeted experience. 

And, to put medicating parents’ minds at ease, the Dosist Dose Dial is the first dose-controlled, certified child-resistant device in the edible category.

Not Your Usual Vape Pen 

When you sit down to smoke or vape, you have a pretty good idea of how you want to feel. Unfortunately, it can be hard to narrow down just how much cannabis you need to consume to feel the way you want. That’s where Dosist products come in. With pre-filled disposable vape pens containing cannabis blends designed to bring on specific effects, paired with precise delivery each and every time, Dosist helps take the confusion out of your medicating experience. 

Ready to try a Dosist disposable vape pen for yourself? Browse our menus! 

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