Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit
Receive 15% Off Your 1st Visit

Based in Sonoma county, Fig Farms is focused on growing in-house strains that have been bred to perfection through years of research and development. They use original landrace strains for breeding, which makes it possible for them to create hybrids with highly unique characteristics that you won’t find in other breeding lines.

Fig Farms won first place in the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2017 for their legendary creation, Banana Fig 8.

But, that’s not the only mouthwatering strain they have.

Stop in at any one of our three LA Cannabis Co locations for these must-try Fig Farms products:

Must-Try Fig Farms Strains

Sunrise Fig

This relaxing, mentally focused indica-dominant hybrid is the epitome of a chill strain. Dense, deep purple flowers with a frost of trichomes like a blanket of snow are sure to transform your mood and make even the most boring of tasks seem more exciting. Strong flavors of flowers and grapes are on the palate of each toke. Put on some chill music and indulge.

Dark Karma

Dark Karma is an indica hybrid with aromas and flavors of strong, sweet notes of coffee and fresh earth. Smoke a bowl of this, and you’ll enjoy a physical buzz paired with uplifting euphoria and some mental focus. The buds of this strain are a deep olive green with purple layered throughout. Bright orange hairs stand out from a thick coating of crystal trichomes.

Blue Face

Blue Face is an indica hybrid that with flavors and aromas of rubber, redwood bark, and ginger. The effects of this start out uplifting, euphoric, and even giddy, but then take a sedative turn as the high continues to build – or you smoke more. Deep purple and green leaves are offset by rust-colored pistils and an abundance of shimmering trichomes.

Looking to learn more about Fig Farms and all of their strains? Click Here to Visit Their Website.





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