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Thanksgiving is a holiday that involves spending quality time with family, friends, and other loved ones. Maybe you have a feast planned and the whole family is coming over. Or perhaps you’re going more low-key this year and are simply hosting a little get-together with plenty of weed and loads of snacks.

No matter what your plan is, you are going to want to make sure your stash jar is fully stocked so that the weed, and the hilarious memories that come with smoking, can flow freely. To take the guesswork out of choosing the best Thanksgiving strains, we have put together a list of our top choices – indica, sativa, and hybrid – to help make choosing (and smoking) this holiday stoner must-have that much easier.

And, even if you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year, these strains will also make for great host(ess) gifts or holiday presents for fellow stoners. So, pack that bowl and enjoy a fun-filled, memorable Thanksgiving.

Here are 10 strains to help make this Thanksgiving your best one yet.

10 Best Thanksgiving Strains of 2020

Skywalker OG Cub Nugs by Grizzly Peak

Who doesn’t want to smoke a strain that makes them feel like a Jedi? And, with all of the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, you’ll need to feel that way to get everything done. These Skywalker OG Cub Nugs will wipe away the stress of the holiday, replacing it with heavy relaxation. When you need to escape reality for a bit, this is the strain for you.

Gelato 33 by 3C Farms

A little something different for fruity strain lovers: Gelato 33 from 3C Farms. This is one of the best Thanksgiving strains, as it holds scents of orange and fresh earth, with flavors of citrus and berry with earthy notes. This delicious strain would pair well with any Thanksgiving dish and is just as much a social strain as it is a relaxing one. Smoke this to make great memories and get the conversation flowing at the table.

Sonoma Cake by FloraCal

Thanksgiving is a celebration of what we are grateful for, and what’s a celebration without some cake? Sonoma Cake is a go-to when it comes to Thanksgiving strains. This strain is super versatile at the table, with notes of earth, fuel, and sweet vanilla cream. But, with its initial energy buzz that gives way to potent relaxation, it could also be enjoyed on its own while taking that “long walk” before dinner is ready.

Tangie by Marygold

Other than being with loved ones, a top must-have during the holidays is to make sure there is always sativa around. It brings warmth, happiness, and friendliness to any gathering – something always extra welcome around Thanksgiving. Smoke some citrusy and skunky Tangie while cooking and talking with family, and you’ll feel all the euphoric energy you need to get through the holiday.

L’Orange by Cannabiotix

Sweet and sour citrus and fresh earth come together in unexpected harmony with the L’Orange strain. This one not only smells and tastes of fall, but it pairs well with just about any Thanksgiving dish. The bright and happy high gives you plenty of energy for the whole day, so you can socialize and get things done.

The Real OG by The Cure Company

If you have trouble deciding whether you want to feel mellow and chill from indica or uplifted and focused from sativa, a good quality hybrid is your answer. The Real OG is incredibly versatile in that it offers both a mellow physical high and a focused head high. Plus, with its beautiful green leaves and abundance of sparkling trichomes, it can brighten up any Thanksgiving gift basket too!

GG4 by NUG

This classic strain is best reserved for after dinner is over, and everyone is sitting in the living room and digesting over comfortable conversation. Spark up some GG4 to promote strong euphoria and intense relaxation that will “glue” you and your Thanksgiving guests straight to the couch.

Blue Coma by Original Intelligence

Those moments when all of your loved ones can gather together in one place are rare, just like this sativa-dominant hybrid. Pair Blue Coma with any dish, as it carries fruity, spicy, and piney flavors with hints of earth and sour notes. Pack a bowl of this and you’ll enjoy intense, uplifting euphoria that gives way to blissful calm paired with body numbness. Feel both mentally and physically at ease with Blue Coma, so aptly named for its physical effects.

Great White by BudBud

When the whole family is around for Thanksgiving, you can quickly start to feel drained. There are so many people to attend to and so many things to cook. But, don’t worry. Great White is a potent sativa that gives users a fast and strong body buzz. As your mind grows spacy, you feel an energizing tingle spread throughout your body. Combined with uplifting euphoria, this strain becomes one of the best Thanksgiving strains to have in your stash. 

Peanut Butter Cup by Clout King

Think peanut butter cups are only for Halloween? Think again. This Peanut Butter Cup strain from Clout King tastes and smells like a freshly opened jar of peanut butter with fresh earthiness. It’s sweet and full-bodied in flavor, and it brings about euphoria and strong relaxation. As an indica-hybrid, this one is best enjoyed in the evening, after all the dishes are done and you can finally relax.

Finding Thanksgiving Strains

Whether you’re going all-out with a feast fit for royalty or opting for a more low-key gathering, choosing the right Thanksgiving strains is an important part of creating the perfect holiday memory. Not sure which strains to choose this year? This list of 10 Thanksgiving strains will make your feast especially lit.

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